Do you have gaps and spaces in your smile because of missing teeth? Have you lost one or more permanent teeth? Do you yearn to restore your smile to its former beauty? Ask Dr. Joseph C. Styger about getting dental implants in San Francisco, California. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed in your jaw by a specialist. This post will act as a replacement tooth root. When your jaw heals, the bone will form around the post, making it a part of you. The implant restoration, created and placed by our dentist, is the crown or bridge that is attached to the implant post.

Our dentist will take impressions of your teeth so that a restoration can be constructed. A shade will be selected that will match that of your natural teeth. When your restoration is ready, our dentist will place it in your mouth to check the fit and color. After any necessary adjustments are made, he will attach a small connector post called an abutment to the implant post. The restoration is then connected to the abutment. Implant restorations look, feel, and function like your natural teeth because the implant post is secured in your jawbone.

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