If you or your child plays sports or needs protection against teeth grinding, Dr. Joseph C. Styger may recommend a mouth guard in San Francisco, California. Mouth guards are worn over the teeth to protect your teeth, lips, tongue, face, and jaw when playing sports. Blows to the face are common during sports, so a mouth guard is essential.

A mouth guard may also be used to treat teeth grinding, or bruxism; this condition may be caused by stress or anxiety. Since it usually occurs during sleep, you may not be aware that you grind your teeth. If you have a constant, dull headache or a sore jaw, you may suffer from bruxism. Teeth grinding can cause broken, loose, or lost teeth. In severe cases, the teeth may be worn down to stumps. Teeth grinding can also affect your jaws, causing TMJ disorders, or even result in hearing loss. If you grind or clench your teeth during sleep, a mouth guard will protect your teeth from getting worn down, chipped, or broken. A mouth guard will also protect against TMJ disorders and hearing problems that result from teeth grinding.

Our dentist will provide you with a custom-fitted mouth guard. We will make an impression of your smile, and the mouth guard is molded over the resulting model. Be sure to wear the mouth guard as prescribed by our dentist.

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