Do you dislike being numb for hours after having a dental procedure? Are you ever embarrassed by being numb because you cannot speak, smile, or eat and drink properly? Has your child ever bitten the inside of their cheeks and lips repeatedly, causing swollen, damaged lips because they were numb and could not feel it? These problems are a thing of the past with OraVerse® in San Francisco, California.

OraVerse® is the first and only drug that reverses the lingering numbness after dental procedures. OraVerse helps our patients regain normal sensation twice as fast as they would have otherwise. They are also able to smile, speak, and drink normally faster and drooling is minimized, so they can go through the rest of their day at school or work without embarrassment or discomfort. Our dentist may recommend OraVerse for use in adults and children at least 6 years old who weigh at least 33 pounds. The most common side effect is pain in the injection site.

We encourage you to contact Joseph C. Styger, D.D.S., INC today to learn if OraVerse is right for you and to schedule your next appointment. Our team and dentist are excited to share this exciting, new dental find with you and your family!