Dental pulp is the soft tissue at the center of a tooth where the blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves are located. When dental pulp becomes infected, Dr. Joseph C. Styger may recommend a root canal in San Francisco, California. Our dentist performs root canals on the front teeth, molars, and bicuspids (premolars).

During a root canal, our dentist will make an access hole in your tooth. Through this hole, he will remove the diseased dental pulp. The tooth is cleaned all the way down the roots, and then sealing materials are used to fill your tooth’s root canal. A filling is used to close the access hole. In some cases, our dentist will recommend a dental crown to protect and support the tooth.

The removal of infected dental pulp is necessary to prevent further dental problems. If left untreated, the bacteria and other decay that results from diseased pulp can lead to an infection or an abscessed tooth, which is a pus-filled pocket that forms on the tooth’s root. An infected tooth can also cause swelling in the gums, face, neck, or head. Bone loss can occur in the tooth root if infected pulp is not treated. Drainage problems can also occur, causing a hole through the tooth and drainage into the gums or skin. We are pleased to provide high-quality root canal treatments to prevent these and other consequences.

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