Tooth extraction, or having a tooth pulled, is usually performed because of infection, crowding, or trauma. When a tooth is infected or too badly damaged to be repaired, or if you have a crowded mouth, Dr. Joseph C. Styger may recommend a tooth extraction in San Francisco, California. Our dentist can perform both simple and surgical extractions.

There are several cases in which a simple extraction may be performed. If a tooth is badly damaged from decay or trauma, it may be extracted. If your mouth is being prepared for orthodontics and your smile is crowded, our dentist may pull a tooth so your teeth can be properly aligned. Sometimes when tooth decay extends to the dental pulp, the infection becomes too severe to correct using root canal therapy. In this case, extraction will be performed so the infection does not spread. Some patients have a compromised immune system and cannot risk any infection. For them, if a tooth is at risk of infection, our doctor may decide to extract it. If a patient has periodontal disease and it has caused a tooth to become loose, our dentist may decide to extract it.

At times, there may not be room in a patient’s mouth for new teeth to break through the gums. This can cause an impacted tooth if not extracted. This type of extraction is surgical since the tooth has not come in completely. Surgical extraction is often necessary for wisdom teeth (third molars).

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