Tooth Extraction Preparation

Before you go to bed the night before your tooth extraction appointment, make sure you have everything set and ready to go. Being prepared for your appointment will make things go more smoothly, and we recommend preparing for it by doing the following things: Confirm your plans Make sure you know exactly what time your… Read more »

Resolving Gingivitis

Gum disease has different stages and degrees of infection. Plaque at the gum line can harden into tartar. This exposes the gum tissue to the constant presence of bacteria which leads to the mild case of gum disease known as gingivitis. The Initial symptoms include red or inflamed gums that tend to bleed easily when… Read more »

Visiting Your Dentist and Root Canal Therapy

If you had to list the treatment that worried you the most, what would you say? Was it root canal therapy? If it was, you aren’t alone, but did you know that root canals have a bad reputation because of how they used to be done? In modern dentistry, root canal therapy—which consists of removing… Read more »

How an Apple Could Help Your Teeth

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? While apples certainly have many health benefits, have you ever wondered what eating an apple a day will do for your need to visit the dentist? Just like you shouldn’t completely avoid your doctor even if you eat an apple every day, you’ll still need to… Read more »

Coping with an Abscess

An abscess is a small pocket of pus that may appear near the root tip or on the gums. Usually, abscesses are caused by an untreated dental cavity or ineffective dental care. In fact, if an abscess is not treated, serious complications may follow. To avoid these complications, we recommend visiting your dentist quickly if… Read more »

A Few Facts on Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever heard any of the interesting rumors about wisdom teeth? Do you ever question the truthfulness of what you hear? To help you clarify what’s true and what’s not, we’re happy to provide you with a few interesting facts about wisdom teeth. Have you heard that your wisdom teeth could grow back? Fortunately,… Read more »

Knowing How to Balance Dental Care and Nutrition

Did you know dental care and nutrition go hand in hand? Well, it’s true, and this blog is meant to help you care for your smile by eating and drinking healthy foods and drinks! If you follow the advice of this blog, you will have the healthy smile you have always wanted and you will… Read more »

Issues with Thumb-Sucking

A Habit from Birth Thumb-sucking is a reflex for children. When babies suck on their thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, or other things, they feel happy and secure. This habit helps them to learn about the wide world around them. Young children often suck to soothe themselves when upset or to help them to fall asleep. Potential… Read more »

Who Named That Tooth Anyways?

Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth are so wise even though they are pretty much pointless? Why canines, cuspids, and eye teeth are the same kind of teeth? And what does the name incisor even mean? Read about where your teeth got their names from. Incisors These are the teeth in the front of… Read more »

Which Toothbrush To Use And How To Care For It

Your toothbrush keeps your pearly white clean and healthy, but can the kind of toothbrush you use get them cleaner and healthier? Learn about the different types of toothbrushes and how to properly care for them. Types Of Toothbrushes Electronic: Though more expensive, this type can have different gadgets such as rechargeable batteries, timers, and… Read more »