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Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth are so wise even though they are pretty much pointless? Why canines, cuspids, and eye teeth are the same kind of teeth? And what does the name incisor even mean? Read about where your teeth got their names from.


These are the teeth in the front of the mouth. Their name originates from the Latin word “incidere” which means “to cut,” which is precisely the action incisor teeth perform when chewing food.

Canine Teeth

Canines are called so because they resemble the long, pointed teeth of a dog. They also have the name of cuspid because they have a pointed end called a cusp. Another name for canine teeth is eye teeth because they are located below the eye.


This name simply means that these teeth are located before the molars. Their other name, bicuspid, indicates that they have two (sometimes three) cusps.


This name originates from the Latin word “molaris” which means “grinding,” which is what molars do to food.

Wisdom Teeth

These teeth come during young adulthood or the “age of wisdom,” which is where they get their name from. They are also called the third molar because that is their placement in the mouth.