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An abscess is a small pocket of pus that may appear near the root tip or on the gums. Usually, abscesses are caused by an untreated dental cavity or ineffective dental care. In fact, if an abscess is not treated, serious complications may follow.

To avoid these complications, we recommend visiting your dentist quickly if you experience one or more of these symptoms:

  • A throbbing, persistent, or intense toothache
  • Sensitivity to temperatures
  • Sensitivity when you bite or chew
  • A fever
  • Swelling in your face
  • A sudden relief of pain accompanied by a foul-smelling, foul-tasting fluid.
  • Redness in your mouth and face

If your tooth is salvageable, your dentist may suggest root canal therapy. Fortunately, with modern dentistry, root canal therapy is typically painless. Conversely, if the tooth can’t be saved, it may need to be removed. In essence, the most important aspect of dealing with an abscess is removing the infection.  Fortunately, once the infection is removed, you should not experience any other ill effects.

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