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Did you know dental care and nutrition go hand in hand? Well, it’s true, and this blog is meant to help you care for your smile by eating and drinking healthy foods and drinks! If you follow the advice of this blog, you will have the healthy smile you have always wanted and you will have a higher chance of meeting your oral health goals.

The following list includes the best foods and drinks for your smile. If you work these foods and drinks into your diet, your teeth, gums, and underlying bones will be stronger and healthier in no time:

• Water
• Milk
• Nuts
• Cheese
• Meat
• Firm or crunchy fruits
• Vegetables
• Sugar substitutes
• Sugar-free foods

The following list includes the worst foods and drinks for your smile. If you do your best to refrain from eating these foods, you will not only improve your physical health, but you will also improve your oral health:

• Candy, like lollipops, mints, and hard candies
• Cookies
• Cake
• Pie
• Muffins
• Bread
• Potato chips
• French fries
• Cough drops
• Pretzels
• Bananas
• Raisins
• Dry fruits
• Soda

If you would like to learn more about nutrition and dental care, we invite you to call our office today and talk to a member of our team. We are here to help you achieve your oral health goals, and we are happy to do so by helping you understand the best and worst foods for your smile!